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CVI has the very best field-applied UV-coating formulation and equipment available on the market. Through CVI you can be the beneficiary of years of experience in this field, bringing our expertise to your facility.

Once cured, our proprietary coating formulations provide a fast return to service and safe installation process. Our UV-curable coatings exceed the limitations of traditional coatings, lasting years before re-coating is necessary.

Our Patented Technology produces light that is 100,000 times greater than the intensity of the sun. It does this in ultra-fast intervals, or flashes, meaning that the system is not constantly ON. In doing so, our system delivers more energy, deeper into the substrate, while using less power. The time a substrate requires to cure is related to the speed at which optimum UV energy is delivered. By delivering more energy, faster, our pulsed system outperforms traditional UV floor curing systems.

Our system was used and implemented for research studies at George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology. The studies done at the college resulted that the college saved 20% on electricity utility fees due to the usage of the floor coating. Due to the high gloss and reflective nature of the coating, light was able to reflect upwards from the ground up illuminating the applied areas thus creating a brighter environment. This feature alone will help both businesses and the planet, by using less electricity saving the businesses money and helping the planet by less electricity production pollutions being produced.

CVI products are available for a number of hard floor materials, including:
-Quarry Tile
-Ceramic Tile

CVI offers a variety of product formulations suited to different uses. High-gloss, Low-gloss, Slip Resistant Safety Floors and Colored formulations for painting safety lines and other floor level indicators. Our high-performance coating formulations provide the following benefits:

-Cures instantly. No need to shut down your facility.

-Eliminates burnishing. No costly equipment or labor intensive man hours.

-Eliminates buffing.

-VOC free.

-Eliminates stripping. No more toxic odors or mess.

-Eliminates waxing, scrubbing and re-coating thus saving money on floor maintaince

-More Durable and resistant to abrasions.

-Easy to maintain. Simple sweeping and mopping is usually enough.

-Less Hazardous. High coefficient of friction results in a less slippery floor.

-Environmentally friendly.

-Long Lasting