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CVI has a paper-based conductive/dissipative equivalent that will be recyclable, reusable and compostable and in colors. Our range is between 103 – 106 for Conductive and 107 – 109 for Dissipative.

Our dissipative paper is available in sheets, rolls and tags. Perfect for printing worksheets, assembly diagrams and identification tags. 100% recyclable, permanently dissipative and humidity independent and made from recyclable wood-pulp paper.

The alternate to using ESD Paper is Anti-Static sheet protectors. Sheet Protectors can only be used for sheets, whereas ESD Paper can be used to make sheets, rolls and tags.

ESD Paper looks and feels like standard photocopy-type paper. It can be made from recycled or virgin paper pulp.can be manufactured from standard size of 8.5″ x 11″ and A4 metric to any sheet size including rolls of large format 1.2m X 8,000m.

Benefits of CVI ESD Paper

Permanently Electro Static Dissipative

– RoHS Compliant

– Biodegradable

– Recyclable

– Low in component critical contaminants (low amine, chloride and sodium) No Sulphur or Lead content

– Indicator pink strip® identifies each sheet as static dissipative

– Ideal for use as production routing sheets, work instructions, repair tags or anti-static liners

– Eliminates costly anti-static sheet protectors

– Minimizes product damage from static when compared to non-ESD repair tags and labels

– Save money by eliminating repairs during assembly and in the field

– Work safely with instruction sheets and paper products on the assembly line

– Use ESD safe tags for identification

– Our products do not use metals, have no VOC’s and is not hazardous to the environment.