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Agricultural science is a broad field of biology that combines parts of, natural, economic and social sciences that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture.

With the help and vast knowledge from Universities in the agricultural field. CVI and one of their exclusive partners who built the Marvel Automated Composting System, have utilized a system in which it has been researched, developed and used extensively with the University of Guelph in Canada and Michigan State University in the U.S.A.

With all the extensive testing done at the University of Guelph they have been achieving amazing test results of this system and in which qualifies for the approval of ETV (Environmental Technology Verified) Canada certification.

The Marvel System can prevent the production of greenhouse gas emissions, specifically methane gas, during the composting process. This has been independently certified by Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Canada and means that CVI Marvel facilities are qualified to earn carbon credits.

Results from both the University of Guelph and Michigan State University show that the Marvel System will produce compost that is Three to Ten times higher in nutrient value (N-P-K) than traditional composting methods.

  • Our finished product using the Marvel system the organic fertilizer will have a average total N, P, and K concentrations on a dry matter basis, in a ratio of approximately 3:1:3
  • Contains no detectable Salmonellae, and E. coli concentrations
  • An average carbon to nitrogen (C:N) ratio of 12.68.”
  • Production techniques meets all qualifications to be ETV Canada Certified. (e.g., irrigation management, recommended nitrogen inputs, and finished products)
  • Minimizing the effects of pests (weeds, insects, pathogens) on crop or animal production systems.

This  Automated Composting system produces a high quality compost, rich in nutrients and pathogen free fertilizer. The organic fertilizers is useable on fields or can be sold as a high value soil enhancer. This bi-product will add  dollars to the farm and replenish valuable nutrients back into the earth organically.