Agricultural Processing: Organic Fertilizers

CVI has utilized a system that is a process approved by Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) of Canada that qualifies for greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon credits.


Chemical Research: Vapour and Moisture Barrier Coating

CVI now has a system of coating both wood-pulp paper, film and mineral paper that can be customized to customer gas and moisture barrier requirements. Our process creates a barrier system that optimizes particular barrier strength and offers excellent grease, oil, water, gas, and aroma barrier.


Material Engineering: Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Paper

CVI ESD paper is available in sheets, rolls and tags. Perfect for printing worksheets, assembly diagrams and identification tags. 100% recyclable, permanently dissipative and humidity independent and made from recyclable wood-pulp paper.


Mechanical Engineering: UV Acrylic Floor Coating

The system has been designed and optimized for use in a variety of application settings, making it the perfect versatile solution.